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Storytelling for Climate Action

Storytelling for Climate Action

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Have you ever fantasized about giving a mind-blowing TED talk? Few things have changed my life like learning how to wield the power of The Hero's Journey. 

In this video course, you'll learn how to use The Hero's Journey to tap into vision, mastery, and transcendence to tell your climate story.

It's a story-telling formula that has been distilled through myth and folklore, now regularly used by big Hollywood films, documentaries, pitch decks, and TED talks.

Conversations about the planet are usually dominated by scary futures, government policy, and money. But the human journey and our connection to the planet are far richer than these simple categories allow.

In this workshop, I'll teach you how to tell your climate story in a way that captures attention, deeply resonates, and moves people deep in their soul.

What you'll learn:

  • Storytelling basics: the hero and the mentor
  • Creating Drama: intention and obstacle
  • The secret to using The Hero's Journey for your non-fiction environmental mission.
  • 12 Steps of The Hero's Journey
  • Beginning: The essential five steps
  • Middle: The journey and innermost cave
  • End: The result, the vision, return home

What's included:

  • 5 videos, 45 minutes
  • Lifetime access
  • Storytelling for Impact Powerpoint 12 Step Template
  • Participant examples of real-life projects
  • Bonus Storytelling Chapter of How to Save the World Book PDF


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