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Are you tired of seeing all the climate doom and instead, you crave a vision for the amazing ecotopia world we do want?

Hello! Katie here 👋🌱, founder of ECOPIA and creator of the artworks you see here. I'm an Australian-American environmental engineer and behavior designer based in Silicon Valley, California. 

I make artworks about how I think cities should work: ecologically integrated, covered in plants, and car-free. This is my dream for the world. 

I them myself using MidJourney AI and Photoshop. Products on the store are as environmentally friendly as is available. The paper for the art prints and the wood used in the frames and wood prints is Forest Stewardship Council certified. The t-shirts and hoodies are made from organic cotton. The packaging is made from recycled paper. Each items is produced and printed at a local facility near the customer (you) to reduce shipping time, miles, and emissions.


katie patrick imagining ecotopia

ECOPIA is about building the world we want. No diluting. No taking it slow. Just boldly articulating the incredible ecotopia future we want and taking clear action to make it happen. Permaculture gardens on sidewalks? Freeway overpasses taken out and replaced with wildlife corridors? Green roofs on all the buildings? Let's do it. 

Environmental imagination matters. Seeing the future you are creating, seeing your goal, is essential to keep your positive energy up to be strong, confident, an creative as you overcome the daily obstacles we fight as environmentalists. 

When we collectively imagine a world where ecological design is core, we're setting our psychology for high-energy action, amazing ideas, and the tenacity to bring them to life.

This is the real science of how the brain works. And it's the psychology of how social movements spreadI talk about it more in TEDx talk “Why Optimism and Creativity (Not Doom) Will Save the Planet.” 

If you are working on activating change, you might like my book "How to Save the World — How to Make Changing the World the Greatest Game We've Ever Played." 

I've taught the evidence-based psychology and design techniques in this book to NASA JPL, Harvard University, Stanford, UNEP, Google, the European Commission, PWC, University of California, Magic Leap, and Institute for the Future.

We all need a vision of a future we can believe in.

The future is the canvas and you are the artist. Never forget that.

Love and plants 🌳🌱🌏


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