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Save the World With Gamification, Behavior & Data Viz

Save the World With Gamification, Behavior & Data Viz

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Could saving the world be a game? It can, but you have to do it right. We're going to learn how to apply gamification, behavior psychology, and data vizualization to social and environmental change. 

This course helps designers, sustainability professionals & social change entrepreneurs learn how to implement 15 unique design, data visualization and gamification techniques so you can powerfully motivate your people to create real and measurable change on the causes you care about.

The secret behind good game design is that it taps into the motivational core of our being. There are many game mechanics we can apply to social and environmental problems that cause people to change in a way that is fun, inspired, and innovative.

In this video-course, I will be teaching you how to implement fifteen specific game mechanics for your cause. We will learn means that are either high-tech (for programmers and UI designers), or low-tech (using no more than a pen and a big piece of paper).

What you'll learn

  1. Use simple design tools to easily get people to improve their performance
  2. Develop powerful social change projects that leverage technology, data, behavior change tools that make measurable change
  3. Understand the theory and academic research behind why these techniques work
  4. Create ideas and projects that intensely motivate people
  5. Put the learnings of psychology to use to maximize the action people take
  6. Follow a process that unleashes your own epic creativity
  7. Avoid some of the biggest mistakes that make social change projects and startups fail.


What can gamification do for you? It gets results.

  • Providing simple digital awards to Wikipedia editors increased their contributions by 22%.
  • By ranking cities by health data, residents supported a new 1% tax to build new bike paths and urban greening.
  • Placing star ratings on consumer appliances increased water efficiency by 25%.
  • A sign that shows to quantity of recycled material increases recycling rates by 77%.
  • An emotive owl avatar used in a learning app, increased student scores by 23%.

What's included:

15 videos, 5 - 15 minutes each.

Lifetime access.

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