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Permaculture City Wood Print

Permaculture City Wood Print

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This vibrant piece reimagines the iconic New York City skyline bathed in the warm hues of sunrise, its towering structures adorned with lush permaculture gardens. Rendered in a bright comic anime style, this masterpiece captures the essence of a harmonious urban-nature coexistence.

"Permaculture City" carries a profound message about the transformative power of positive eco-future art. In envisioning a metropolis blanketed in greenery, the artwork challenges preconceptions and invites us to believe in radical change. It serves as a catalyst for cultivating a collective vision of cities that thrive in ecological balance, inspiring us to actively pursue sustainable practices and policies.

In a world where environmental concerns loom large, positive eco futures art becomes a crucial conduit for hope and action. "Permaculture City" is more than just a stunning depiction; it is a reminder that by embracing ecologically conscious choices, we can forge a path toward a greener, more sustainable future. Let this artwork adorn your space, encouraging you daily to believe in the possibility of radical change and inspiring the essential actions needed to shape a better tomorrow.

Wood Print

Our stunning wood prints are THE perfect way to combine natural texture and sustainable materials with any work of art! Strong, tough, and lightweight, wood prints are easy to mount for the perfect eco-friendly feel.

  • The most eco-friendly art print option. Made from high-quality birch wood with an FSC certification or equivalent. These prints are perfect for showcasing the stunning grain and texture of the wood, adding a rustic and natural feel to any image.
  • Our wood prints feature clean edges and are printed all the way to the edge with no border, giving a sleek and clean look.
  • We do not print white onto the wood, allowing the natural wood grain to shine through and intensify the image's natural feel.
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