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Mastering Measurement-Driven Design

Mastering Measurement-Driven Design

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Become the most effective climate advocate you know and transform your project with laser-focused measurement-driven design. In this 18-part video course, you'll learn how to design your data, and your entire project, in a way that really gets people to respond with an action.

This course focused on a systems-theory feedback loop-centered approach to designing apps, digital displays, energy labels, or campaigns intended to influence humans to change. Essential learning for anyone seeking to make measurement-based environmental change.

We cover the core theoretical and design-thinking system you need to create the baseline measurement system that your gamification, front end UI/UX, and storytelling concepts will branch from.

In this course, you get:

18 videos, 3 - 10 minutes each.

Lesson 1: The Biggest Mistake: The Value Action Gap

Lesson 2: The Next Biggest Mistake

Lesson 3: The Two Lenses

Lesson 4: Your Creative Genius Zone

Lesson 5: Call to Adventure

Lesson 6: Measurement

Lesson 7: The God Metric

Lesson 8: The EPA's Fascinating Case Study

Lesson 9: Disclosure Theory

Lesson 10: 4 Rules for Designing Your Data

Lesson 11: The ABC System

Lesson 12: Avoid These Types of Projects

Lesson 13: Why You Need To DIY Hardware

Lesson 14: Put The God Metric on the Wall

Lesson 15: Quantify Your Goal

Lesson 16: Social Comparison

Lesson 17: 5 Easy Gamification Techniques

Lesson 18: Leaderboards 

Downloads: The Seven Pillars of Behavioral Science for Climate Action

Get started and learn how to sprinkle magic psychological dust that will transform your community into motivated eco-evangelists - the kind that gets people to actually do the environmental thing you need them to do.



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