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It's So Different Now Wood Print

It's So Different Now Wood Print

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Envision New York as a car-free biophilic haven, where towering buildings and winding roads are transformed into lush, green landscapes. Illustrated in a dazzling comic anime style, the artwork breathes life into the idea of a sustainable metropolis where nature and urban living coexist harmoniously.

"It's So Different Now" is more than just a visual feast; it's a powerful catalyst for change. In a world facing pressing environmental challenges, positive eco-futures art like this becomes a beacon of possibility. By depicting radical transformations in a playful and optimistic light, the artwork inspires belief in a future where our cities prioritize nature and sustainability.

This piece is a reminder that we can reshape our world positively. It invites viewers to imagine a New York where the hustle and bustle of city life coalesce seamlessly with greenery, encouraging us to question the status quo and embrace the potential for a more eco-friendly existence. 

Wood Print

Our stunning wood prints are THE perfect way to combine natural texture and sustainable materials with any work of art! Strong, tough, and lightweight, wood prints are easy to mount for the perfect eco-friendly feel.

  • The most eco-friendly art print option. Made from high-quality birch wood with an FSC certification or equivalent. These prints are perfect for showcasing the stunning grain and texture of the wood, adding a rustic and natural feel to any image.
  • Our wood prints feature clean edges and are printed all the way to the edge with no border, giving a sleek and clean look.
  • We do not print white onto the wood, allowing the natural wood grain to shine through and intensify the image's natural feel.
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