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How to Save the World Book PDF & Audiobook MP3

How to Save the World Book PDF & Audiobook MP3

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"An urgent and useful guide for anyone who seeks to make a difference. It will change your work for the better." - Seth Godin Author, This is Marketing

You want to change the world? Don't keep living without this book. How to Save the World takes you through a 10-step process where you will learn powerful techniques, grounded in academic case studies, drawn from behavioral psychology, data science, storytelling, and game design. This optimistic and novel approach to saving the world will change your life and fill you with inspiration to make saving the world into your life's greatest creative adventure.

"How to Save the World" was ranked by Forbes as one of the top 5 books in social entrepreneurship, is taught in Harvard University's Sustainability Graduate Program, and is the top-recommended reading material by the United Nations Environment Programme for digital transformation.

It's a workbook that helps social and environmental change professionals learn how to implement powerful techniques, drawn from behavioral psychology, measurement, design, data, storytelling, visualization, and game design that are proven to have impact.

The design framework taught in this workbook will take you through a journey of exercises, questions, and case studies that will teach you the art of changing the world — and it’s often not what you think it is.

For example, did you know that just showing people the number of cans recycled increased the recycling rate by 67%? Or that letting people know that prior customers chose vegan meals doubled the rate of plant-based meal orders? Jam-packed full of fascinating insights, this book will help unleash your highest creativity and help you take giant leaps in your capacity to create real and measurable change for the causes you most care about.

The approach taught in How to Save the World means not just tinkering around the edges, or merely talking about change. It will help you design solutions that reach the cores of your issues, so you can experience the incredible joy and satisfaction of seeing your work, really, actually change the world every single day.

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