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Gamify the Neighborhood

Gamify the Neighborhood

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Have you ever seen a "sustainability street" program you thought was a great idea? In this climate action design masterclass, we're creating one!

This course is a community engagement approach to rapidly decarbonize communities using social network theory and gamified rewards.

Humans are group animals. By harnessing the power of groups (like a street, block, or community) we can layer on gamification features like badges, goals, comparison, and progress-tracking to create a program that has the main ingredients the decarbonization movement needs to reach the tipping point of change.

In this climate action design workshop, we'll be designing a gamified sustainability street program to promote decarbonization, electrification, and roof-top solar - and we'll learn the theory behind behavioral techniques work to tap into the human motivational core.


What you'll learn in the workshop

We'll create a neighborhood map, progress chart, and reward system with a communication program to engage residents.

Who's it for?

Gamify the Neighborhood is for climate professionals seeking to increase the adoption of their decarbonization programs, startups, and products.

  • Decarbonization & Electrification Program Managers: Learn this social-network-driven approach to rapidly increasing your community's adoption of heat pumps, electric vehicles, and induction stoves for existing residents.
  • Sustainability Managers in Local Government: Learn new approaches and theories to increase the traction, adoption, and engagement of your city's climate programs.
  • Manufacturers and Installers of Heat Pumps, Solar, and EV Chargers: Learn how to activate and support local community influencers to do the outreach to switch more homes over to electric clean energy faster.
  • Community Climate Organizers: Use this low-tech, simple, and fun approach to engage your neighborhood, school, or workplace in getting the emissions out of homes.
  • Building & Energy Consultants: Architects, engineers, and consultants - this approach will help you reach out to your community to aid the sales process to get more customers.
  • Startup Entrepreneurs in Climate, Clean-tech, and Sustainability: Learn how to build a network of climate-motivated customers using this community-driven social marketing approach.
  • UI/UX and Graphic Designers: Learn the theories of environmental psychology you need to design apps, websites, and campaigns that work to get your audience to change behavior.

What's included:

  • 5 video tutorials, 35 minutes.
  • Watch immediately
  • Lifetime access

Downloadable tools:

  1. Neighborhood map game
  2. Home survey chart
  3. Climate progress upgrade chart
  4. Climate Action house badges
  5. Eco home conversation cards

I'm thrilled to kick off the Gamify the Neighborhood class to help us truly master the art and science of creating sustainability programs that people love, and even have the power to push the tipping point of change.

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