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Zerowastify Ebook & PDF

Zerowastify Ebook & PDF

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Forget recycling – you can live without making any trash whatsoever. It's called "zero waste living" and it can dramatically change your life.

When you learn how to stop bringing waste, packaging, and unnecessary plastic into your home in the first place, you can save up to $10,000 per year (all that packaging is priced into what you buy!), improve your diet, and avoid common toxic chemicals in consumer products.

Many people experience an unexpected sense of joy that comes when they "zerowastify" by shifting their focus to a life rich in experiences and not things. A zero-waste home can lift your emotional well-being, enhance your concentration, and even improve your sleep quality.

In this book, environmental engineer, United Nations advisor, TEDx speaker, podcast host, and mother, Katie Patrick, methodically guides you through the 148 zero-waste actions DIY hacks, recipes, and products you need to know to master zero-waste living. Katie details the amounts of coal, oil, gas, and water that are embodied in the manufacture of the everyday items we throw away, revealing quantitative evidence of just how powerful zero-waste living can be to change the world.

Your life and the planet won't be the same on the other side of your zero-waste journey.

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