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Custom Behavior Mapping Workshop + Action Design Kit with Katie

Custom Behavior Mapping Workshop + Action Design Kit with Katie

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Embark on a transformative journey with a custom 1:1 Behavior Mapping and Climate Action Design Workshops. Katie will provide a deeply detailed behavioral science analysis, and unlock the keys to effective climate action with personalized insights and creative solutions tailored for sustainability projects.

Join Katie for this intensive design workshop that goes beyond theory—delve into actionable, innovative ideas to drive impactful sustainability initiatives. 

What we'll do together:

  • A behavior mapping workshop and design sprint focused on achieving environmental behavior modification.
  • Special attention to behavior change psychology, action design, and gamification techniques to achieve measurable progress towards your sustainability goals.
  • Conceptualize requirements for user interface designs for web, mobile, outdoor screens, digital kiosks, or marketing communications.

1. Behavior mapping workshop

We kick off the design sprint by meeting together for 2 to 4 hours to outline the specific actors, actions, and results of the project in granular detail. We cover how the actors will first see the prompt, what will cue them to act, the data they will be effecting, the physical places the action will occur, how actors will interact with gamification techniques and a how we will provide a reward feedback loop. This workshop provides the skeleton framework of the gamification design.

2. Completed "Action Design Kit" document

I gather notes from the workshop and provide you with a completed PDF behavior flow chart diagram of each actor's behavior flow, called a "behavior map."

3. Data investigation and recommendations

I investigate and research opportunities for measurement innovation and make recommendations for the project, such as new kinds of sensors, satellite data, manual measurement techniques, data management, digital displays or kiosks etc.

4. Gamification and behavior concept

I draw from the details in our behavior mapping workshop and consider how to apply the various gamification techniques to the specific action. I go forth and design up visual material which may include posters, charts, app or browser software interfaces, wall-mounted displays, or data visualizations.

5. Revisions meeting

Once I have completed the first round of designs, I will present the work to you in a meeting where I will receive one set of revisions from you.

6. 30 day and 60 day coaching check In

Two ongoing coaching sessions to help keep your project moving.

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