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Behavior Mapping For Climate Action Masterclass

Behavior Mapping For Climate Action Masterclass

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Learn the ultimate 10-step system with 100 behavior, gamification, and marketing funnel techniques to make the most powerful environmental transformation project ever.

Behavior mapping is the most powerful tool you'll discover, yet few environmental professionals know how to use it.

If you're trying to influence humans to take any action at all for the climate, you need to learn how to behavior map.

Behavior mapping is a process where you map out your target human's daily actions, figure out where on their journey you will spark their attention, and what psychological technique you'll use to and get them to act, buy, or change. 

In this 2 1/2 hour masterclass training, I'll teach you how to use my signature behavior mapping template in the poster below that shows you how to apply nearly one hundred behavior, nudge, and gamification techniques that have been proven to influence environmental behavior.

It's powerful and it's detailed. And it's the secret that will give you great ideas that will get real CO2☁️ ⬇️ results.

Why do you need it?
Most ideas, apps, and programs designed to save the planet start off a bit like a lump of dough – lacking the detail and nuance it takes to solve a real-world problem.

New concepts usually start out fuzzy and then refine with time. But the risk is, too many projects stay fuzzy, then don't enough buy-in (because of the fuzziness) until they eventually . . . fuzz out . . . 😞

The behavior mapping process I developed is like putting dough through a spaghetti machine.

It will squish out the inconsistencies and unforeseen blind spots in your mission with razor-like precision until you develop an elegant, de-fuzzed, and laser-focused concept that people love.

What you'll learn in the workshop
The process centers around the "The God Metric"  – a single environmental data point you want to shift that has a beginning, an end, and a way of tracking progress to reach your goal.

We'll systematically go through a full catalog of nearly one-hundred evidence-based persuasive techniques drawn from behavioral science, neuroscience, game design, and environmental psychology and asses how each of them could be used in your mission.

Then we will map out the steps you want your target person and how we will influence them to act in a surgical level detail using this ten-step process:

1. The God Metric - What is the one environmental metric you are trying to change? 

2. The Actor Who is the target actor you are trying to influence? 

3. First Contact How will your target actor first see or hear about your project? (18 tools)

4. Cue - How will you cue them to act? (10 tools)

5. Data - What data sets are you working with? (8 tools)

6. Action - What specific action do you want your actor to take? (2 tools)

7. Progress & Goals - How will you display progress towards a goal? (10 tools)

8. Nudges - Which behavior and gamification techniques will you use? (22 tools)

9. Enhancers - How can you enhance the salience of the experience? (10 tools)

10. Rewards How will your actor be rewarded after they do the action? (16 tools)

What you'll come out with
Once you know what each of the techniques are, why they work, and how to apply them, you can put them together like ingredients in a cake. 

Learn the neuroscience of climate action design

This workshop will introduce you to the main behavioral drivers of the human brain so you can tap into its motivation core.

Hundreds of examples and case studies

Get access to the world's largest collection of environmental behavior design research, case studies, and examples - as well as a full catalog of Katie Patrick's climate action design work at Hello World Labs.

Who's it for?

Climate professionals seeking to increase action, traction, responses, and adoption of their programs, startups, and products.


  • Program managers for energy, decarbonization, and electrification.
  • Sustainability managers at local government.
  • Startup entrepreneurs in climate, clean-tech, and sustainability.
  • Manufacturers of decarbonization and environmental products.
  • Corporate impact, CSR, and sustainability consultants.
  • Community climate organizers.
  • UI/UX and graphic designers.

The behavior mapping process will guide you to develop a clear sense of how you'll track (and show) measurement-driven progress towards a climate goal, a map of your target audiences' steps, the selection of behavioral and gamification nudges you'll use, the skeleton UI/UX of your app or platform, and your marketing plan.

It may even map out your entire business model, sales funnel, and hopefully, deliver a refined and elegant idea that drives real climate action!

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